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Our fishing waters: Natural lakes for beginners and pros

Perch fishing
Thanks to the variety of lakes in the vicinity, everyone can find a favorite: pick a lake for familiy recreation or ambitious sport fishing. With a wide range of lakes, the choice is yours and you can easily spend a whole day on a lake without being disturbed.

Here is all the information you need about the different lakes, their type, size, depth and the fish you could find.


Ödevata Fish Camp is located on the shores of lake Ödevaten. A beautiful, long-stretched body of water, at max. 6 km length. It is rich with perch, pike, bream, roach, rudd, tench and burbot, perfect for fishing. It offers several nice places to bathe and barbecue. Since the lake has many coves and islands you can easily find a remote and calm spot for yourself.
  • Area: 137 hectare
  • Max.depth: 6.5 m, average: 2.5 m
  • Type: Nutrient-poor woodland-lake, watercolour: brown
  • Bottom: Rocks and mud with vegetation, waterlilies and reed
  • Visibility: 1.4 m
  • Type of fish: Perch, Bream, Pike, Common roach, Rudd, Tench, Burbot
  • Size-records: Perch 1500 g, Pike 8,6 kg
  • Fishing licence 60:-/day/pers, 80:-/day/family, 250:-/week/pers. 
  • Rowingboat with e-motor: 350:-/day


Törn is the largest lake in Emmaboda municipality, located at 20 km from Ödevata. It is the lake of choice for our guest who want to fish Zander, since the zander-population is very strong in this body of water. Even impressive pike can be caught at Törn each year. We provide information and insider-tips for successful fishing if you choose to pay Törn a visit.
  • Area: 757 hectare.
  • Max.depth: 8,4 m. Average: 1,7 m
  • Type: Nutrient-poor lake
  • Watercolour: Brown
  • Bottom: Rocks and mud
  • Vegetation: Waterlilies, club-rush, bulrush etc.
  • Type of fish: Zander, Pike, Perch, Silver bream, Bream, Burbot, Bleak,
    Roach and Tench
  • Size-records: Pike: 14 kg - caught by our guests at the Fish Camp!
  • Fishing license: 100:-/day/pers, 200:-/week/pers, 250:-/family/week
  • Rowingboat with e-motor: 350:-/day


Skärsjön is a very special lake. It is very shallow, max. 3,1m deep, and its water is stunningly clear. In the northern parts of the lake you find wellsprings, responsible for the low temperature of these waters, even in summer. The vegetation makes Skärsjön hard for fishing, so you should look for spots free of pondweed. The ground is covered with rocks and you can see large boulders reaching up to the surface.
  • Area: 213 hectare
  • Max.depth: 3,1 m,
    average: 1,7 m.
  • Type: Nutrient-poor clearwater-lake
  • Watercolour: Clear
  • Bottom: Rocks and stone
  • Vegetation: Mostly pondweed
  • Type of fish: Perch, Pike, common Roach
  • Fishing license: 50:-/day/pers
  • Rowingboat with e-motor: 350:-/day


It's exciting to fish in Hultabräan, a large lake rich of fine pikes and zander. This lake is shrouded in legends, because you can see walls of stone, small islands and even rocky paths at the bottom of the lake!
On the southern shore, you can find a boat ramp, called Hornet.
  • Area: 194 hectare
  • Max.depth: 18,5 m
  • Type: Clearwater-lake
  • Visibility: 4,7 m
  • Type of fish: Pike, Perch, Zander, common roach,
    Bream, Tench
  • Size-records: Pike: 14,2 kg
  • Fishing license 50:-/day/pers, 200:-/week/pers
  • Rowingboat with e-motor: 350:-/day


The sportfishing club of Emmaboda attends to this lake and offers trout fishing at Svartegöl. It's located 20km from Ödevata, near the hamlet of Vissefjärda. Svartegöl is a put-and-take water for rainbow-trout and arctic char. The fish are placed several times a season and grow up to a fine weight. Regular liming keeps the ph-value at a healthy level.
  • Put-and-take of rainbowtrout
    and arctic char
  • Area: 3,3 ha, Average depth: 3.4 m, Max. depth: 8m
  • 8 fishing piers, 3 of them accessible for the disabled
  • Spin- and fly-fishing allowed, baited hooks are forbidden
  • Catch-limit: 3 fishes
  • More information: Emmabodas sportfiskeklubb
  • Fishing license: 170:-/day/pers.


This lake lies only 5km away from Ödevata. It is a beautiful little lake in the middle of the forest and provides with pike, perch and whitefish for fishing. Mosjön has two deep hollows where some anglers had the chance to catch fine 1kg-perches! On the eastern shore you can enjoy the evening sun on a small BBQ-area that even has a wind-screen.
  • Area: 35 hectare
  • Average depth: 3,6m, Max.depth: 10.1 m
  • Type: Nutrient-poor woodland-lake,
  • Watercolour: Muddy
  • Bottom: Rocks and mud
  • Vegetation: Surface-plants
  • Type of fish: Perch, Bream, Pike, Common roach
  • Size-records: Perch 1,8 kg
  • Fishing license: 50:-/day/pers, 150:-/week/pers.